Finnovia Solutions scales up technology companies and accelerates their revenue growth and international expansion.

We accelerate your growth and competitive advantage

We are expert in accelerating the growth of Tech companies, including designing and executing international expansion strategies, beside building or optimizing your sales operations. We also act as interim manager to transform and adapt commercial capabilties to the fast moving business environment. Our pricing model adapts perfectly to the business needs and stage of development of our clients.


With Finnovia Solutions, you can limit your costs and optimize revenues while keeping the flexibility needed. Having limited budget for development should not stop you to develop opportunities and expand within new markets and territories.


Our clients offer mostly disruptive solutions such as AI-powered solutions for portfolio optimization, fraud detection, algorithm trading, conversational AI, Marketing optimization or Compliance. They also offer Cybersecurity tech and consulting solutions.


Our dedicated sales and marketing teams excel at optimizing your revenue streams and capitalizing on opportunities, all while streamlining costs and mitigating risks.


Complementing this, our consultants are here to demystify technologies for you and create a strategic roadmap for their adoption and compliance, ensuring you not only harness their power but also cultivate a potent competitive advantage and comply with regulations.

We accelerate the growth of tech and software companies, including for example start-ups that provide solutions for compliance with Anti-Money Laundering regulations, as well as those dedicated to combating fraud and cybersecurity threats. On behalf of our clients, we leverage our robust network within Financial Services, Fintechs, Healthcare, Energy and Public sectors.


With a strong specialisation in Web3 and MICA regulations, we also support particularly Fintechs in the Digital Asset sector giving them access to our expertise and network of investors.


Our dedicated sales and marketing teams excel at optimizing your revenue streams and capitalizing on opportunities, all while streamlining costs and mitigating risks.


Complementing this, our consultants are here to demystify technologies for you and create a strategic roadmap for their adoption and compliance, ensuring you not only harness their power but also cultivate a potent competitive advantage and comply with regulations.

Our Clients

Our clients bring tech solutions to the financial industry such as:


Asset Optimization 

AI powered Asset Optimization solutions offer portfolio management, risk management and Algorithm Trading solutions.



Anti-Money Laundering

Our clients offer solutions including Transaction Monitoring Systems, Customer Identification Tools, Sanctions Screening Software, Risk Assessment Software, AML Reporting tools, Blockchain Analytics.




Fraud fighting offer a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to prevent, detect, and respond to fraudulent activities: Data Analysis and Machine Learning, Chargeback management, KYC and KYB, Scam Identification and Data Accessibility and Sharing are few examples.




Cybersecurity platforms offer a wide range of solutions and services designed to protect organizations from cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks. These platforms integrate various tools and technologies to provide comprehensive security measures such as Threat Detection and Prevention, Network Security, Endpoint Security, Identify and Access Management (IAM), Cloud Security, Data Security, Security Orchestration and Automation, Compliance and Governance.



Digital Asset Platforms

Digital asset platforms, also known as cryptocurrency and blockchain platforms, offer a variety of services and capabilities related to digital assets, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies. Our clients provide solutions to monitor risk related to blockchain infrastructures, smart-contracts, fraud or money laundering with tools for regulatory compliance and reporting.

Our Vision

Embracing technology is not just a choice but a strategic necessity for businesses aiming for growth, resilience, and relevance in an ever-changing world. It holds significant importance in today’s business landscape, transcending industry boundaries and driving progress across various sectors. However, this embrace of technology must be accompanied by effective tools to manage potential risks.


By adopting cutting-edge technologies, businesses can stay competitive, enhance efficiency, drive innovation, improve customer experience, mitigate risks, improve sustainability and expand global reach.


However the development of new technologies also comes with some risks: fraud, money-laundering, cyber-attacks. The adoption of new regulations such as MICA and AMLD6 can only work with the access to tools to monitor and report the potential risks.


Finnovia-Solutions is supporting tech companies in their growth trajectory and the adoption of these technologies by various organisations. Finnovia-Solutions leverages its profound knowledge of regulations and technology within industries such as Finance, Healthcare, Energy, Media, and the Public sector. This expertise enables us to actively contribute to the sustainable advancement of innovative technologies, including Cryptocurrency.

What we offer

to grow your business

Business Strategy Framework

We design and optimize your business operations, ensuring they’re aligned with market demands. At the heart of our approach is the creation of impactful value propositions that distinctly set you apart, compelling your target audience to choose you over competitors. Paired with this, we define a targeted go-to-market strategy that positions your offerings effectively, ensuring maximum visibility among the right audience segments.


Following this foundation, we optimize your sales operations. By eliminating bottlenecks and inefficiencies, we provide a seamless pathway for sales activities. Benefit from our deep-rooted expertise as we guide you in shaping a powerful sales framework. From nurturing early-stage leads to close successful deals, our tailored approach ensures every step in your sales process is optimized for success.


Furthermore, Finnovia Solutions helps you in breaking into new regions, even without a direct in-house presence there. Note that only 40 to 50% of organizations succeed in entering fresh markets. »



Sales Execution and Efficiency with AI

Boost your growth with Finnovia Solutions by building high-caliber in-house or outsourced sales functions. This includes recruiting and training skilled sales talents, developing and overseeing sales pipelines, and adeptly negotiating and finalizing deals, all while ensuring process efficiency. On average, 10 to 20% of your leads should culminate in successful deal closures.


Use the transformative potential of AI and advanced sales technology to supercharge efficiency. We guide you in pinpointing and integrating the optimal tools tailored for your business needs.


This isn’t limited to just cutting-edge software or platforms, but also encompasses modern approaches like social selling strategies. Such techniques tap into the vast networks and influence of social media, converting online engagement into tangible sales opportunities.


By aligning with these dynamic tools and methods, we ensure that your operations are not only streamlined but are primed for peak sales performance in today’s digital age.




Training and Consulting Solutions

We specialize in providing comprehensive training and consulting services across the dynamic domains of AML regulations, fraud combat and Cybersecurity for traditional businesses and Web3 tech organisations such as Crypto exchanges. Our team of seasoned experts is dedicated to tailoring our approach to suit the unique requirements of your industry, ensuring you grasp the transformative potential of these cutting-edge technologies to gain a competitive edge. Our extensive experience equips us with a pragmatic understanding of market demands and expectations and constantly changing threats.


Our accomplished team members possess deep expertise in AML regulations, fraud detection solutions and Cybersecurity. We excel in aiding organizations in assessing and fortifying their cybersecurity posture. By leveraging our wealth of experience, we empower your organization to navigate the intricacies of these fields effectively and secure your digital future.



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